• Aviation is our motivation so we made it our business
  • EN9120 certificate for component repair/overhaul management.
  • BEL-AIR acquired Vietnam Airlines' entire ATR72/PW124 inventories
  • Bel-Air Express has opened a Representative office in Miami
  • Now available P/N: FE159-5-007 and FE201-6-002
  • Bel-Air is looking for an ATR42/72 to tear down purposes
  • BEL-AIR acquired LAO Airlines' entire ATR72/PW124 inventories
  • BEL-AIR is now ISO EN9120:2006 and 9001:2000 Certified
  • Join our Linkedin group: ATR42 | ATR72 - Aviation Support Center
  • BEL-AIR EXPRESS - Because every Part counts
  • Bel-Air Express - Aerospace Solution Provider
  • Bel-Air looking for inventory to purchase in ANY Cond.
  • BEL-AIR EXPRESS probably the most dedicated ATR supplier
  • BEL-AIR acquired Thai Airways' entire ATR42/PW121 inventories
  • ATR42/72 Aerazur Air Intakes and Ducts Available.
  • Now available P/N 8260-123 and 20032-2 MFG by Thales.
  • Bel-Air is willing to pay for any info leading to the purchase spares.
  • Join our Linkedin group: ATR42 | ATR72 - Aviation Support Center
  • BEL-AIR EXPRESS - Because every Part is different
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01.03.2012   ATR linkedin group: ATR42 | ATR72 - Aviation Support Center
The ATR group, the HUB for ATR professionals, was created by Olivier Rouach from Bel-Air Express.

After 6 months of activity, ATR42 | ATR72 group, is a success story with more than 600 ATR professionals. 

The vision was create an ATR community that will share information and tips on technical issues, on ATR operational issues, ATR related services, ATR repair capabilities, offer and search ATR parts, etc. Group members are only professionals with proven ATR background. 

The idea to create a community for ATR operators and professionals came during the last ATR operators’ conference held in October 2010. All through the conference many operators pointed out the lake of communication between them and ATR and among ATR operators themselves.

come join our group: ATR42 | ATR72 - Aviation Support Center

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