• Aviation is our motivation so we made it our business
  • EN9120 certificate for component repair/overhaul management.
  • BEL-AIR acquired Vietnam Airlines' entire ATR72/PW124 inventories
  • Bel-Air Express has opened a Representative office in Miami
  • Now available P/N: FE159-5-007 and FE201-6-002
  • Bel-Air is looking for an ATR42/72 to tear down purposes
  • BEL-AIR acquired LAO Airlines' entire ATR72/PW124 inventories
  • BEL-AIR is now ISO EN9120:2006 and 9001:2000 Certified
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  • BEL-AIR EXPRESS - Because every Part counts
  • Bel-Air Express - Aerospace Solution Provider
  • Bel-Air looking for inventory to purchase in ANY Cond.
  • BEL-AIR EXPRESS probably the most dedicated ATR supplier
  • BEL-AIR acquired Thai Airways' entire ATR42/PW121 inventories
  • ATR42/72 Aerazur Air Intakes and Ducts Available.
  • Now available P/N 8260-123 and 20032-2 MFG by Thales.
  • Bel-Air is willing to pay for any info leading to the purchase spares.
  • Join our Linkedin group: ATR42 | ATR72 - Aviation Support Center
  • BEL-AIR EXPRESS - Because every Part is different
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Staying competitive in the air transportation industry requires that you do business with high-caliber companies based on management systems of the highest quality. One widely recognized measure of quality is ISO 9001 certification.


A customer who chooses to do business with an ISO 9001-certified supplier knows that quality is a mainstay of the organization. Perhaps that is why ISO certification is rapidly becoming one of the most important criteria for one business to partner with another. ISO certification is an important step to maintain relationships with customers that are increasingly quality-conscious. Many stress the importance of receiving ISO registration-whether to meet international customers' requirements or to employ as a method to improve quality. For companies wanting to do business in other countries, certification is something you must have to succeed in the global marketplace. It's an instantly recognizable standard of quality around the world, and in many European countries it's nearly a necessity for doing business. 

A measure of quality

Requirements are specific in each company's case. But in choosing an ISO 9001 and ISO EN9120:2006 -certified aircraft-parts supplier, you are ensuring that your order will contain documented, certified parts that have been processed according to the highest standards. Other key benefits include increased efficiency and improved internal and external communications.

As part of its ongoing effort to enhance customer satisfaction, Bel-Air Express Materials was certified in 2002 as ISO 9001:2000 compliant and was certified in 2009 as ISO EN9120:2006 compliant. ISO 9001 certification is a worldwide seal of approval comprising the national standards bodies of 91 countries. The certification ensures that the practices and procedures of quality management and quality systems are securely in place as the basis for a company's operations. 

The road to ISO 9001 and ISO EN9120:2006

The steps leading to certification are complex and require detailed documentation of the processes followed at every level of a company. The Bel-Air Express Materials audit was conducted by Bureau VERITAS (BVQI). 


Is this the end?

Now that ISO EN9120:2006 certification has been received, you might think the story is over. But it's really just begun. Companies are required to go through regular audits to retain their certification. Continuous improvement is key to the entire ISO EN9120:2006 process, and Bel-Air Express Materials is committed to optimizing its operations to provide customers with the highest level of service and support.

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